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Tuesday, February 22nd, 2005
3:10 am - Random Stuff...
Yeah, I worked entirely too many hours this past weekend.

On Friday, an elderly guy fell outside of the store. He had hurt his lip and the side of his face. I don't know if he tripped when he was getting up the curb or what. The EMS was called and they came into the store too. Scary stuff. Erin went out to help the group of people that were helping him.

Sunday was "The Great American Race" aka the Daytona 500. WOO! NASCAR is back! Too bad Jamie McMurray got out in the big wreck (but was still running at the end of the race... only 17 laps down), and also Kasey Khane got into the wall and the whole side of the car was gone. (But he was still running when the race was finished, so they both didn't recieve a DNF. )

Today was another day of school. I watched two of the new members do their on air parts of their DJ packets... I so could never do that. Behind the camera for me please.

When I came up to the radio station, when I was still in the elevator, I could hear people talking. I thought it was just people waiting to get on the elevator, but when the doors opened, there was a girl there standing with her back to the elevator. I look down the hall, and there were like 100 people there! I was thinking that the President's Day Campus Visit wouldn't come up to the station, but boy was I wrong! I look to the door, and it was hanging open. Now, at our station, being the #1 college student run station in the nation, we have tight security. I walk in, and ask, "I bet you need to see these?" while pulling out my Zip card and my WZIP / ZTV pass. He replies with "That doesn't look like you, I think we're going to have to call security," in a jokingly manner. I pull out my drivers license to counteract him. "Aww, that's a nice picture, better than mine." He pulls out his driver's license. He is screaming in it, with his head tilted back. *shakes head* Did I mention that he is black? But hey, it's a great personality for a DJ.

Oh! I forgot to mention that I have stormtrooper armor now! The only catch is that I have to assemble it. :( I was working on my helmet again today, and I think I have the dome all glued into place now. (It came off after my friend who glued it left, so my remaining friend helped me re-glue it.) I got the holes in the "frown" all cut out, I just have to put the sticker over it and cut that. Big improvement in ventilation. I also should find some mesh to put behind it, but with our garage looking the way it does, I don't think I'll find it anytime soon. I just spent so long trying to get the colors right. The can of spray paint that my friend gave me was way too blue. After painting it with paint, I think it's the right color now... but it's probably going to scratch easier. I also got the buttons put on the abdomen, and also the mouthpiece on the helmet.

Well, no school tomorrow (YAY!), so I might as well go to bed soon, as per I'm getting tired.

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Thursday, February 17th, 2005
11:41 pm - Weird Things...
I was in the on air studio yesterday at WZIP, and my producer, Lindsay, was watching one of our prospective DJs. I look at one of the PSAs that was read, and noticed the "kill date" on it. May 15, 2005. I say "huh" and point to the date, going to say that that's my birthday. But that is what Lindsay says! I reply "Not uh. Not uh!" She asks "What?" "That's my birthday too!" We both couldn't believe it. Same year too.

I slept in this morning, thus missing my class. I still can't figure out how I could sleep through that annoying alarm for an hour. I missed the video and the review sheet for the test next Thursday. I got that from Lindsay. I really need to study for that test.

I get home, and in the mail, I find a letter that says this:

Congratulations, Cynthia ******. You have been referred for nomination to The National Dean's List ...one of the highest academic honors that can be bestowed on college students. In order to receive and take advantage of all it offers, you need to send us your biographical information by the deadline shown below.

Dear Cynthia:

You have been selected, as indicated above, to receive honorary award recognition by having your biography published in the 28th Annual Edition of
The National Dean's List, 2004/2005. You are also automatically eligible to compete for a $1,000 scholarship from the $50,000 to be awarded this year


P.S. Only 1/2 of 1% of our nation's college students receive this award. We commend you for your accomplishments.

I don't know how I did it... nor why they picked me... I only got a 3.75 last semester because I had easy classes... I only have a 2.6 Cumm GPA! I was only going to be happy with a letter from the Dean of the college of communications!

In that utter shock, I'm going to bed. I have to work 9 hours tomorrow... I was supposed to go in at 6, but then I get a call from my assistant manager asking me if I can come in at 5, since we have 10 dozen bagels sliced that need to be ready by 7, and the one training shift manager that we are training for another store called off sick this morning. But she said that I could have free food. (We had to start paying for our food after food costs went up.) Then I have a new member class for the station at 3:20, then I think I'm going to come home, tape Joan of Arcadia, and crash until I have to go to work at 6am on Saturday morning, then out with Sarah after work. But I'm off of work and school on Tuesday.

But for now... bed.

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Monday, February 14th, 2005
10:57 pm - Update...
Wow, it's been awhile, huh? I've been really busy lately, and it doesn't help that I've also joined ZTV, the television station at the University of Akron. I help out with the Lowdown, which is the entertainment show. We are also international on the "U Network", which is on campuses nationwide and across Europe. I'm still very active with The Jedi Knights of Cleveland, and there are still those times that I want to kill Geoff, like how he comments on me living so far out into the country. Yeah, well, at least I don't have to worry about hitting my neighbor's house when I get out of my car in the driveway. Anyways, still have the same job, and they want to promote me to shift manager. Woo! More money for Celebration 3!

So anyways.... I must make this short, as per I have to work tomorrow 5-8. 5am. Parents are gone though for this week, they are on another buying trip. Too bad I'll either be at school or working. :( Ah well.

Wow... been awhile since I've posted here on LJ... things have changed....

And speaking of being awhile, it's been awhile since I've been on HPANA.com... whoops.

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Thursday, September 2nd, 2004
2:20 pm - It's the collector in me...
Well, last Friday after I got off work (yeah, I got a job... I make sandwiches out of bagels and put cream cheese on them too :p), I went down to North Canton to pay back Roseanna for my toys that I got from her long ago. That was $64. I had $150 left in my checking account, and I see that there was a mining thing at the rock shop that they own. I get a bucket for $10. I had fun, and I got another bucket, this time it was the polished stones (first was the gemstones). I then go to Target, and I get stuff there (the Star Wars Target Exclusive glass sets that come with an action figure). I also go a few other places, and I end up spending all of my money. That was the money for my Stormtrooper armor. :( *sigh* I have $100 in my checking account now, and I'm not going to touch it unless I really need to (besides paying Mary back for getting my X-wing Luke Unleashed figure). I want Stormtrooper armor badly.

Which brings me to the second part of my post... Yesterday Kim, Geoff, Jim, Danielle, Marshall, and I went to Akron Children's Hospital to visit the kids. We were dressed in costumes too. Me and Geoff as Jedi, Kim as Arena Padme (pre-ripped ;)), Jim and Danielle as Stormtroopers, and Marshall as a Biker Scout. Marshall also brought his R2-D2 (from the R2 Builders Group), but he didn't move, because a pin had come out of his feet. :( We scared a few kids, and others were happy to see us. We also made the news on the Akron feed of Channel 3 in Cleveland (that would be PAX 23 for those of you in the area ;)).

My class started at 2:15, and they wanted to go and get something to eat together, so I went along. We were done eating, well, at least I was... I scarfed my food, and I told our waitress that I had to leave in 5 minutes, and could she please bring my check. She said that she would have to split up the checks, because she put 2 and 2 together. (Even after we told her at the beginning that it would all be separate.) 5 minutes later, she isn't back. I go over to see if I could ask where our waitress is, and I see her on the computer doing the bill. I think that she would be out in a very short while, and I go and sit down. 3 minutes later, I get my check. Mind you guys this is 8 minutes after I told our waitress that I had to leave in 5 minutes. I get over to the cash register, and no one is there. :| I'm panicking, my class starts in 16 minutes, and it's going to take me nearly 5 minutes to drive to campus. A waitress (I believe she was a waitress) comes over, and checks me out. She knew that I had to get to class. I leave a buck tip for our waitress (shouldn't have left any), and run out. I get stuck at the light... there is one car in front of me between me and the freeway ramp. grrr... I get to class like 2 minutes late. 30 seconds later, or teacher starts class. Oy.

This morning I got up at 4:30 to go to work at 6. At 7, Bryan (yeah, that be our Bryan, I work with my brother-in-law :p) goes to another store to get some coffee cup lids. 5 minutes later, we get slammed for like 45 minutes. It was me and Steve out front, our baker can't make sandwiches yet, so she couldn't help. Steve is making sandwiches, and I'm getting people's drinks and ringing them out as fast as I can. (I'm getting better at the cash register. :p) When our rush is over, I tell Steve, I would have had a hernia if I would have had to make the sandwiches. When Bryan got back, Steve told Bryan that he was going to kill him.
I had to leave right at 10 since I had to be at class at 10:45. (Oh no, not again...) Steve had just got back from the bank, so he was in the back getting that all situated. There was a small line when I left the front, and Bryan was the only one up there... Mike hadn't come yet. I had to leave. I told Steve to get up there as soon as he could. I go and change my shirt, and when I come back, I told Steve to get up there, there was a line out there (few more people than when I had left). I still had to leave. When I left, Mike still hadn't arrived yet (even Steve was late this morning), but I couldn't wait. I made it to class on time. (And it was very cold in class too. :()

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Thursday, June 24th, 2004
3:48 am - The Broken Toe...
No, I didn't break my toe, my sister did.

After the Blue Tip Parade on Tuesday (where I saw too many people that I know ;)), I go to the grocery store and then home because Scott was supposed to call me (which he didn't until today). Well, I'm eating at around 10:30, and Bryan calls and asks if someone could come over to watch Cassie because Jackie thinks she broke her toe. I give the phone to mom, since I hate repeating things when I could just hand people the phone, and my mom leaves for Jackie's house. So I watch Pirates of the Caribbean. :D When my mom gets home at around 2am, just as my movie is over, I find out that Jackie broke her big toe, and (which I knew from before) missing a step while (which I didn't know) carrying 2 cats downstairs. Tomorrow she gets a pin put in it. She had to take off of work today.

Today I went out shopping with Roseanna again, and when we went to Toys That Time Forgot, I watched her buy a couple packs of Attack of the Clones Widevision Cards. The place didn't have any of the new Clone Wars cards, but they did have one of the promo cards, and since I had no money, Roseanna got that for me. :) (Thanks girl! :)) The guy is going to try to get a box of the Clone Wars cards, and Roseanna and I are going to split it. :) I just have to get money... :'(

We head up to Manhattan Comics in Brunswick so Roseanna can get her comics that they've been saving for her. Then back to Canton to her house. I get to get my questions answered on some of the toys that I want to get from Roseanna, and I manage to rack up a pretty big bill that I owe her too. I have to pay her back by the end of the summer. I need a job badly. And soon. I also get the extras of the cards that I don't have that Roseanna just got. :) She finished her set, but I'm still a little behind.

That be all for now! As it is now 4am, and I have to be over Drew's house at 1pm tomorrow for lightsaber practice, I best be going to bed... after I set my alarm, which I neglected to do last night... :|

Parents who bring squalling brats to R-rated movies
Circle I Limbo

The New York Yankees
Circle II Whirling in a Dark & Stormy Wind

Circle III Mud, Rain, Cold, Hail & Snow

General asshats
Circle IV Rolling Weights

Gray Davis
Circle V Stuck in Mud, Mangled

River Styx

Circle VI Buried for Eternity

River Phlegyas

Saddam Hussein
Circle VII Burning Sands

Osama bin Laden
Circle IIX Immersed in Excrement

George Bush
Circle IX Frozen in Ice

Design your own hell

Had to... sorry. :p ;)

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Tuesday, June 22nd, 2004
5:32 am - Hummmm....
Apparently I'm thought of as a guy...

Your Years at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Family Line
Dated Patil Twins
You are well known for Subduing Peeves, YAY!!!
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How do the staff and students feel about you *giggle blush*
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Okay, now let me try my other name...

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*scratches head*

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Yay! Younget Seeker! Whee!

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Dean doesn't like wizards?! :O

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And Hermione isn't a witch?!

Okay, these are too fun... and I've got to get to bed... ;)

But not without this one!

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Whoopsie ;)

Okay... now it's time for bed ;)

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4:18 am - The Drive
On Sunday, we went for another drive. This time, we ended up near Columbus.

After I got home from church, I find out that dad wanted to go and take a walk. My ankle had been hurting for the past few days, since I overdid it at the garage sales. My mom said that I could come, and I could bring a book. I pack a book, my fan fics, and I wanted to take the laptop. Mom finally said that I could take it when I said that we could take the GPS too. I grab RotK and the Extended Edition of TTT. :)

When we got to Wooster, we stopped at Best Buy to get new batteries, since that was the only thing that we could figure out why the GPS wasn't working on the computer. (We have Street Atlas USA Deluxe, and there is a way to hook up a GPS to your computer (a special GPS just for this) and you can see on the screen where you are. Very fun to play with, and useful. :))

We found a nursery, and they had just closed, but they still let us in. we spent around $85 on flowers. They were so pretty! And full!

We ended up in Mansfield. We stopped at Dairy Queen to get some blizzards, and learn that the president's tomb that my mom thought was there was in Marion. My mom decides to go out there, and me with the map on the computer, is the navigator. I just had to figure out how to get there, and what was the best way without going back in town for the 4th time (lots of one-way roads). We stop at Wendy's and get food on our way.

Quick President Quiz.... What president is buried in Marion, Ohio?

Aw come on, you gotta know! :p

*sings Jeopardy theme*

Bum bum... times up... Warren G. Harding. :) Who got it right, and what was your wager? :D

Anyways, after visiting the tomb (hehe Ionic columns on the tomb... I swear... you are never completely away from school in the summer...), and after we visited the WWII memorial, we drove to the freeway, the best way to get home. We found a Tim Horton's. My mom was like "But we are going to stop here." Yippee! Iced Cappuccino! :) I watched the second half of TTT on our way home, and after coming up with some more stuff for my new fan fiction (which I haven't written down yet, and I should), I watched the rest of it on the computer. Then I wrote about another page on the computer for my other fan fic while listening to the credits.

Speaking of fan fics... I had 2 come to me at once, but they both kinda tie in together, for I could use the same stuff for the two, just switching things around. Then like a day later, I came up with another one, a AU version of my fic, and then about a week later, another one comes to me! ACK! And I'm already working on 3, but I havne't been working on 2 of them that much as of late, I've been concentrating on just one. *sigh* why can't there be more hours in the day... I've got things that I want to do...

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2:19 am - Garage Sales, RoP Filming, and JKoC meeting
I got up early to go out garage sale hunting with Jackie, Bryan, and Cassie. Mom left to go to Solon to sell some jewelry, and the guy who had been working on our house shows up to look at the roof where it is leaking on the back porch. We didn't get to leave when we wanted.

I managed to spend all of my money. [face_oops] I got a My Little Pony, a Harry Potter puzzle, some Star Wars books, some Star Wars figures, a Chrysler puzzle, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back video, ESB video (original), plus food. My sister managed to find all of the Star Wars stuff. Then when we went back to pick up a horse for Cassie (one of the ones with springs like what we had when we were kids). We went around more, and I found an ET record, the soundtrack. Then we went to some other garage sales that weren't in town, and when I looked in a play yard that had stuffed animals in it, I saw something that was blue, white, silver, and rounded. It was Artoo Detoo. My sister was standing right there and she didn't see it. I grabbed it out of there. Best part was.... it talked too. :) My sister asks the people who were running the sale if there were any more Star Wars stuff. The lady asks her son, and says that there is a Star Wars bike somewhere else, but I don't want that. The husband asks if I want a replica of Darth Vader's suit from the movies. I ask him how much. We were talking, and he says that he has a Darth Vader mug, and he goes and gets it. I ask his wife if he is serious about selling it, and she said that yeah, he probably is. He was. I ask him how much he wants for it, and he says $5. That was all that I had. I dig in my pocket and hand him the money. I ask him if he was sure after he hands me the mug, and he says yeah, and that it was just collecting dust in the back of the cupboard. It's a mug from 1977, one like the ones that I see for a lot of money at Toys That Time Forgot. I got a really good deal.

My dad tells me that before I go up to Solon for filming, I had to take him to the car dealer to pick up the Concorde, since it was done. Well, I knew that we were going to start late (again ;)), so I don't leave the house until 7:30. After I drop off dad at the dealer, I go over to Dayton Nurseries to abduct Sarah to finally take her with me to Solon. When I get there (a few minutes before they close too!) I try to talk her into going, but she doesn't want to go, since she had to work at 8:30 the next morning. A co-worker talks her into going with me, since Sarah needed to go and have fun, since she does go to bed early when she has to work. We go back to her house so she can change. We were going to wait for Melissa to come home from work, so we could abduct her too, but we left before she got home, figuring that maybe we would start early.

We get up to Solon, and they aren't ready. Apparently, Geoff had most of the things that we needed, like the thumb tacks and the blue tape. Crap. We could have waited for Melissa. Ah well. I think Sarah had a good time. :) When we were driving home (we left at around 3am, Sarah is going to be a Jedi extra in the movie), she was telling me how much she missed her fiance, Matt. I felt really bad for her. He lives in New York, plus he is at camp for the summer, and she can only talk to him like twice a week, and soon when camp really starts, it's only going to be once a week and probably a letter. *sigh* Makes me want to have a boyfriend. :(

Sarah told me that she didn't think that Eric caught her name. I don't either. She also told me that Drew makes you feel included on things. I totally agree with that. I forget if she said anything about the others.

I had an interview the next morning at Acme (grocery store), and I found out that they were looking for people in the Bakery mostly. But as of now, there is no bakery in the store, since they are remodeling, and they probably won't hire anyone for a week or two. Poo. I talked to my sister at the bank there at Acme, and finally sucked it up and gave her my resume to turn in. She looked over it, and said that I drastically had to change it. I go home, and then I take a nap, since I got home at 4:30.

I woke up at 4, and I had to leave at 5 to get to Kent for the JKoC meeting. I wanted to call up the guy about the Blue Tip parade, so we could maybe be in it next year (since this year's is on Tuesday, as in today as of this post), but I couldn't get a hold of him when I tried calling. (I'm going to try calling tomorrow when the parade is over. ;)) I get the directions, and gather up a few CDs with fan films on them, including ours... the one that I have, and I set off.

When I get to Mike's Place, the restaurant that we picked for this meeting because there is a big X-Wing out front, only Roseanna and Brain are there. It was already like 10 past 6, and Geoff wasn't even there with his convoy... 5 people in a Neon, dang, that had to be cramped in the back seat... I believe a Neon is smaller than my car, a Breeze. Skye (The other Cindy of the group ;)) comes in, and basically didn't see us until I said something. Don and Candace get there, and we go and sit down. After a few minutes, Geoff came, along with Emily, Will, Mary, and Kim. Brian had just talked to Geoff on the phone, and he told Geoff to go left to find us. Geoff goes right I guess, and Brian is calling after him. Mary's friends come, and Will, Geoff, and Emily give up their table so they can all sit together. Will comes to sit with me, Roseanna, and Skye, and we totally confuse our waitress. Each table had a different waitress. Oops, oh well. :D Then Scott comes in, and joins the table with Mary and her friends. I got a Gyro, and it was huge!

For our meeting, we went into the banquet room, which was inside a part of the building built like a castle. Hehe... there were thrones up on a dias, and the council (and Brain in his robe) got up there and pictures were taken.

During the meeting, I proposed my idea about the Blue Tip Parade, I didn't hear a yay or a nay on if this was something that we wanted to pursue. Ah well. It's a good idea, and the kids would love the Stormtroopers. And if we could get some people from the Rebel Legion to help us, that would be even better. And it would be great if we could get some people from the Pittsburgh FF, Detroit FF, or the Columbus FF to help us out. LoL... I shouldn't get too far ahead of myself. :) But it would be cool to make a float... we have a trailer, and a black truck :)

Geoff went off on a rant about Eric during the meeting. Okay, this is all getting old. Yes, okay, Eric does get on an arrogant kick sometimes, but Geoff also has his faults... like always bringing up on how aggressively I fight with a lightsaber. And he keeps bringing up the fact that I kinda got us lost coming back from Pittsburgh. It wasn't my fault that he had a map of southeast Pennslyvania... that was 2 inches by 2 inches... grrrr.

After we watch part of the fight from RoP, we go outside and take pictures in front of the X-Wing. Scott asks me if I want to go and see Dodgeball, of course it wasn't high on my list of movies to see, but I tell him that I don't have any money, and someone would have to pay for me. Scott basically elects Will to pay for me, since he has a job. LoL. Will calls up the theatre, and finds out that we could most likely just make it in time. After explaining to Scott that we are on 261, and which road was 261, we head out, with me in the lead. It was just me, Scott, and Will going to see the movie. I take Scott down 261 to get to Rt. 8, and I figure halfway down the road, probably going down the freeway would have been better. We make it to the movie in time, and surprisingly, it was a good movie. :O I didn't ge home until late again, since we saw the movie in Macedonia, I had a 45 minute drive home. And when I turned onto my road, there was a cop following me. I made sure to go the speed limit. When I got to our house, there was a deer in our front yard! I was just thinking on my way home about that I've never seen a deer in our yard.

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1:05 am - The Fun is Back!
...At Geauga Lake!

Last Tuesday, I went to Geauga Lake with Sarah and her mom and little sis (Katie, the youngest). I had fun, and the best part, there was hardly anyone there for most of the day! We didn't have to wait very long to get on the X-Flight, and We also didn't have to wait very long to go down the water slides. I was in the wave pool treading water for a half an hour, going through two cycles of the wave. Plus I was where the wave crests, so I got double the workout. I got to finally ride Grizzly Run, the water raft ride, and I got soaked... the water was so cold too! I got to ride the Dominator (the world's longest floorless coaster, and my favorite roller coaster) twice in a row, we got off (from riding in the last car) and ran around and got on again (to ride in the front car). Sarah's mom liked riding in the front car. :)

We went by The Big Dipper earlier in the day, and found out that it was struck by lightning two days before, and that it might be open later in the day. When Sarah and I had split up from her mom and Katie (Katie wanted to ride the X-Flight again, and I didn't, plus I had the book bag with all of our towels in it), after Grizzly Run, we were to go over to the water park and meet them later, I saw that the Big Dipper was up and running again. I told Sarah that we had to go on it, so we did. Later in the day, after we closed the water park, we tried to go on it with Sarah's mom and Katie, but it broke down. Ah well, at least I got to go on it once. :)

When we went on the Villain, I almost lost my hat. :| Thank God it fell into Katie's lap. I don't know what I would have done if I would have lost it. (My Star Wars: The Magic of Myth hat.)

Raging Wolf Bobs wasn't open though. :( I wanted to go on it. :(

Well, maybe I'll be back there on July 4th. Chrysler's picnic at Geauga Lake is always the Sunday around the 4th of July, and this year it just happens to be the 4th. Lots of people are going to be there this year. Glad I already went. :) But I don't know if I could handle getting burnt again.. it still hurts a week later...

I'm so glad Cedar Fair (the people who own Cedar Point) bought Six Flags. :) It's back to Geauga Lake. :)

The Big Dipper




Raging Wolf Bobs

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Thursday, June 10th, 2004
10:28 pm - Okay, throw marshmellows at me later...
I saw this over on HPANA.com, and I had to post this... including on how true some of these are for me... ;)

You know you're a big Harry Potter fan when...
*You mutter nonsense latin words under your breath.
*You call your least favorite teacher Snape.
*Your computer says "You've Got Mail" and you run outside looking for an owl.
*You actually ask for a broom for Christmas.
*You mutter "lumos" under your breath every time you turn on a flashlight.
No, but I do say "Nox" (Or is it "Knox"? I can't find it in Order of the Phoenix) whenever I turn off the light. :)
*You sort everyone you meet into the four Hogwarts houses. (Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin.)
*You were burned when you couldn't get through the flames of your fireplace.
*You had to go to the hospital after you broke your nose running headfirst into the wall between platforms nine and ten.
HAHAHA! (Haven't done that yet ;))
*The wand order mistake in GoF drove you crazy, and even after it was "corrected" you still came up with dozens of theories to explain why that happened.
I didn't really know about it until I saw something on slipups.com about it. And The Ultimate Unofficial Guide to the Mysteries of Harry Potter have unbelievable theories on it...
*You point a normal things like parking meters and say "Look at the things these muggles dream up!"
No, but I have used "Muggle" around my friends, and they just look at me weird. :)
*You collect plugs.
*You try on every piece of silvery fabric your mom has to see if you turn invisible.
That would take a very long time. You guys don't know how much fabric we have in this house because of my mom's business...
*Before getting up to get something, you always try to summon it first. Accio TV remote!
No, that is what the Force is for. :D (Still doesn't work though... :()
*You watched "Love, Actually" because two minor Harry Potter actors were in it.
*You were reduced to tears when you finally had book 5 in your hands.
Close, I almost started reading it, until Jackie goes, "Oh you can't start reading it now!"
*You refer to your Chemistry class as Potions.
*You spend hours tapping bricks in special orders hoping that a secret entrance to Diagon Alley will appear.
*When playing chess, you yell orders to the chess players and get upset when they don't move.
*You yell into the "tellyfone."
*You get emotional every time you hear "Hedwig's Theme".
No, I start whistling Hedwig's Theme on a whim.
*You say "wicked" all the time because Rupert Grint does.
*You get thoroughly overexcited every time you see a word somewhere that is distantly linked with HP (ie. Saint Hedwig's).
*You name all of your pets after HP characters.
Haven't gotten any new pets lately...
*You get in to heated arguments over how much gel Tom Felton had in his hair in the first two movies.
*You know that Harry's birthday is July 31, 1980, Hermione's birthday is September 19, 1980 and Ron's birthday is March 3rd, 1980 even though it never said in the books.
*You refer to Voldemort as "You-Know-Who", and no one has any idea who you're talking about.
I should start doing this! :)
*You went out and bought the latest editition of the Webster's Dictionary because they added the word "muggle".
No, we haven't gotten the newest edition of the dictionary yet. :( And Jedi is in it too!
*You were kicked out of the movie theater for standing on your chair, throwing your shoe at the screen and yelling "THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN IN THE BOOK!"
Didn't get kicked out, nor threw my shoe at the screen, but I did say to Kim "That didn't happen in the book."
*You count the days until you're old enough for your apparating license, and everyone else thinks you're talking about driving.
I'm already old enough. :)
*Your free time on the computer is spent constantly refreshing your favorite Harry Potter news site, hoping for an update.
Fine, I'm guilty on that one... The message boards on HPANA.com.

I get to go to Geauga Lake on Tuesday! Yeah! It's back! Cedar Fair bought Six Flags Worlds of Adventure, and they renamed it Geauga Lake again. And I get to go with Sarah too! I just hope that it doesn't decide to rain as it does every time I go there. (And I don't know if Chrysler is going to have their picnic there this year, dad hasn't said anything about it. And anyways, it would be on July 4th, and Jackie has to work on that day. :|) I want to go into the water park this year! Ooo! I gotta wash my Stitch towel! :)

Yes, there is a major update coming, as soon as I get off my ass and write it out. Right now, I'm posting on 3 message boards (but sometimes they are slow, and no one is on, like now. ;) I should be on 6, but I'm lazy. ;) (3 usually post at: JC Jedi Knights of Cleveland board (boards.theforce.net), JKOC.com (thejediknightsofcleveland.com), and HPANA.com's message boards. 3 don't usually post at: Starbucks's new message boards (planetjedi.com), Ohio 501st's message boards (ohio501st.com), and the Rebel Legion's message boards (rebellegion.com).)

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Thursday, November 20th, 2003
3:44 am - A bunch o'shit... ;)
As my sister said, "It is so nice to stand by your window and not get a blast of cold air." We finally are getting our windows replaced. Well, most of them at least. The ones in the living room, the doors in the family room, and the door in he dining room aren't getting replaced. I can't tell if my room is warmer, I think it might be a little bit. But although it doesn't help when I only have one heater in my room, while mom and dad, and Jackie have two. And my room is pretty big! And I have two windows, so it would get colder in there faster. (Plus I have two small closets, not one big one. :()

Just today, it was "announced" (at least to the JKOC) that Timothy Zahn will be coming to Cleveland. I so can not wait to meet him. :) Troy Denning was cool, I wonder what Tim will be like. Now, I wonder what book I should have him sign... :) (I only have one of his books in hardcover.)

Speaking of books, when we were cleaning out the garage, I made a really good find. In a bag with a bunch of Star Trek books (and Jurassic Park too), was a first edition paperback copy of Jedi Search. That is like my favorite Star Wars book. :) I know it is a first edition because it has a preview for Dark Apprentice in the back of it. :)

Big craft show this weekend, at the I-X Center (the International Exposition Center... that place is huge! They used to build tanks in there!) in Cleveland. We have two spots, and it takes us two days to set up. It feels like we need a bigger spot still, because this year we have a lot of stuff. And I mean a lot. I should be well paid for this. :D (Considering I have been (and will be) driving up to Cleveland from Akron every day since Tuesday, and that is putting a lot of miles on poor Artoo. :( I am so sick of school, just 3 weeks left... well, 2 really... 2?! I have a big report that I still have to do! :_|)

Oooo... Pretty moon.. :) Well past 3rd quarter... Nearly to the new moon... :) And it was big when it rose. :)

I've been babysitting a lot lately, especially when Jackie is over here helping mom for the craft show. I hope she will give me the rest of my Star Wars pins from Disney...

Oh, Bryan started Boot Camp a month late. They kept them there a month without starting. He is going to come back for Christmas, and then he has to go back for a few more weeks.

I found someone in my Communication Theory class that also has a Major of Media Production. We are trying to get into a class together again. He has also been sitting by me in class... does he like me? Or am I just a friend? The really bad thing is that e smokes. Now, he isn't really cute, but he does have something about him that I like. ;)

Really should get back to my report... I've stalled enough. :|

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2:57 am - Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Trailer!
Yeah, even though it has been out for a week on the internet, I'm still in awe by it. And it even has new music from John Williams! :) I still can't figure out why there is a choir singing in it with huge frogs/toads under their arms. TLC (The Leaky Cauldron) says that we should know about them. But what happens if I don't go there and read every day? *sigh* I guess I'll find out soon enough, or at least when the movie comes out on June 4, 2004. ;) I think that I'm going to be reading spoilers for this movie. (Unlike with Ep. III.) I've already found a bunch of pictures. :)

Well, I guess that I should get back to my report... I was making good headway when my mom came upstairs to go to bed.

And I don't like the keyboard on the new laptop that well; you type a letter, and you didn't press it hard enough, and it doesn't register. I don't want to pound the thing... :|

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Tuesday, October 14th, 2003
2:11 am - Quizzes...
You are a Fanfic Writer!
What Kind of Star Wars Fan Are You? (Pictures!)

brought to you by Quizilla

Woohoo! I love writing Fan Fics! :)

Attack of the Clones poster
You are "Attack of the Clones." Life has
thrown you lemons and you have made some
lemonade. You can go both ways right now.

What Star Wars Movie are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Whee! :)

:O New blood in the JKOC! And two of them! (Okay, why are young kids up this late...?)

I know why I'm up... supposed to be doing homework. ;)

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12:45 am - Such a sad movie...
Why do I watch it? City of Angels.

Now, can Angels fall in love? Obviously they can according to the movie. (HA! He rides in a Schneider (sp, I know what I'm talking about...) truck! One of their hubs are just down the road from us! :)) No, why would an Angel want to give up everything for someone? Eternal life too.

Dang, this is such a sad movie at the end... we have it on tape, I should turn it off before it is over, plus so I can get my homework done. (Yes again... I hate reports...)

Ah, problem solved, mom came up, and I'm not supposed to be watching TV anyways. ;)

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Friday, October 10th, 2003
2:33 am - I really should work on my homework...
But this pic is just way too cool:

Obi-Wan Kenobi
You are OBI-WAN KENOBI. You are the role model for
all Jedi. A very "by the book" kind
of Jedi, but very skilled in the ways of the
Force. Keep an eye on your followers...they
could potentially overthrow you in the end.

What Star Wars Force user are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

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1:14 am - The Great Blackout of 2003 (August 14, 2003)
Let's see here. My day starts when I pick up my friend, Roseanna, from her house in Canton. After getting gas at Sam's Club, I drive to a shop that has collectibles (called Toys That Time Forgot), and we get some old SW comics (I got Jedi Academy Leviathan), and we get some trading cards. I drive us up to Montrose, where there are a lot of stores to go to to look for SW action figures. We go to Toys "R" Us, and we find some new figures there (and we both purchase two 2-packs of the new My Little Ponies). We proceed to Wal*Mart, and while we don't find any new figures, I find an Eeyore for Jackie for the baby shower on Sunday. We grab some food, and looking for the pop, we are asked if we needed to checkout by one of the cashiers. Then the lights go out. And just half the store too! I get some pop, and Roseanna gets some water, and we check out. We want to check out Target to see if they have any figures there. When we are walking to the toys section of Target, the lights go out again. The power is restored, and then goes out again. Once again, power goes out, then after a little while, comes back on. When I get something else for Jackie for the baby shower, we ask what is going on, and the cashier said that she didn't know, but someone said that they were the only store with power. When we try to go out and get on the main road, we notice that the traffic lights are out. And so is my radio station. Now, back where Wal*Mart and Toys "R" Us is, (and even down by the mall, which is closer to Target) the traffic lights are working. Thank goodness those were working, because the traffic is bad enough with traffic lights. But when we went down one of the State routes to get to the other interstate, the lights weren't working there. (And when listening to the radio, we were getting weird information... power is out all over the country, Youngstown's power was still on, lightning struck a power plant in Niagara Falls, there was a big fire at a power plant, we were getting everything.) But when we got to our next destination, a comic shop in Brunswick, the lights are on, and the traffic lights are working (thank goodness here too... traffic is bad there too). When we get back down to Canton where Roseanna lives, the power is on here, and we go to Babies "R" Us. (Roseanna also called home earlier, and the power had only gone out for a little bit, just like Brunswick.) After dropping Roseanna off at home, I meet my mom, Jackie, and Bryan at Burlington Coat Factory. When we were eating in our cars at Wendy's, we heard that the power had started to come back on, and that our power was back on. Thank goodness that my dad was at home, and we have a generator, or else we would have had to thrown away everything in our fridge and big freezer. Wow, what an adventure, huh?

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12:54 am - Another little rant...
I don't believe that I mixed up Kore and Kouros! AHHHHHHH!!!!! I knew going to bed early last night was a bad idea. :( (Kore are the Female Greek statues. :() I hope that she doesn't kill me for doing that. I've been stressed this week, with studying for that Midterm, my Philosophy Exam last Wednesday, a project/paper in Philosophy last Monday, and due tomorrow is a presentation in Philosophy. (I'm gonna kill that teacher...)

Oh My Goddess!
Your Definitely the Charmed Expert! Like the B.O.S
you have all the information.

Are you a Charmed Expert?
brought to you by Quizilla

And I thought that I answered some of the questions wrong... *Shrugs*

N-E-Ways... back to start on that paper on Aristotle... :(

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Thursday, October 9th, 2003
11:29 pm - Quizes
harry potter poster
And Gryffindor wins!!!!!!!!!! You're undoubtedly in
Harry Potter...so why are you surfing the net
like a muggle?

Do you belong in: Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Star Wars, or Pirates of the Caribbean
brought to you by Quizilla

Shoot... I'm not in Star Wars? What's wrong with me?! :_|

You&quot;re im Gryffindor!
You're in Gryffindor!

Harry Potter:: Which House Calls You? - with pictures! (for girls)
brought to you by Quizilla

I knew it, I'm destined to be in Gryffindor. :)

You must love Jones !!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you know Indiana Jones
brought to you by Quizilla

I do? I do! :) Indiana Jones rocks! :D

You looooooooooooooooove Star Wars too!:-)

!r u a Star Wars fan?!
brought to you by Quizilla

Most People should be saying to you "May the
Force be with you" You are obsessed

Are you a Star Wars Freak?
brought to you by Quizilla

I am so proud of you. You are the devoted fan
everybody loves. Or loves to hate, whichever
works. Just try and live a little, NOT on the

Are you A Devoted Star Wars Fan?
brought to you by Quizilla

You are a Huge Star Wars fan, you know the script
line for line. You are a sad excuse for a
human, you will die lonely.

Are you a Star Wars nerd?
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True Star wars fan you are. You've apparently
looked up your star wars research, and that my
friends makes you elite. May the force be with

Die Hard Star Wars Fan? Prove it!
brought to you by Quizilla

To all SW fan ones ^... DUH! Like I needed a quiz?! :p

Woa, your worthy of the title Episode II Jedi
Quotes Master! Keep up the good work! There are
precious few worthy of this title....consider
yourself special.

Test your knowledge of Star Wars Episode II Quotes!
brought to you by Quizilla

Meh. :D And it's been a little while since I last saw Ep. II. :D

Kyp Durron, Jedi Master, is your match! He
is your Force-partner for life. After all, how
many times has he saved you from trouble?

Star Wars NJO- Jagged Fel or Kyp Durron?
brought to you by Quizilla

Did I ever mention how much I love Kyp? :D


What minor Star Wars character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

HA! I knew it! :D

Your match is Anakin!
Anakin Skywalker(Ep.2)
Good news- The steamy
hot, pod-racing future jedi would make a great
date for you.
Bad news- You will hane to
fight Padme for him.

What Star Wars character would you date?
brought to you by Quizilla

Hehe :)

I guess I should get back to that homework that is attacking me. :p

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Wednesday, October 8th, 2003
12:20 pm - The Band Rant....
Okay, leave me alone and let me rant some more.

Last weekend, we did a craft show at Wadsworth High School, where I graduated from. Wow. I saw many people that I haven't seen in awhile... like for example, 3 wrestlers who are Seniors. :| Boy do I feel old... :| The band was going on a competition to Columbus also, so I saw a few Band Rats. I kinda miss band. I do miss helping them, and going on competitions, I've been following the band ever since my sister's Sophomore year back in the fall of 1995. We supported the band so much. When I left, that was the year that Mr. Mayes got demoted. (The story goes... There were 3 kids that had a GPA of under 1.7 in the band. The morning we were to leave, after everyone had paid, and also packed, practiced, and parents expecting them to be leaving for the weekend, we find out that they can not go with us due to their bad GPA. This was totally unfair to do it this way. They could have told them the day before. X-( Mr. Mayes let them go, and therefore got demoted for doing so.) That was a bad year for the band. We had to go down to Group 3 because our numbers had dwindled, and also the school board was threatening us that we couldn't go out of state to competitions. (They revoked that thought when they saw how many people had come to the meeting to defend the band.)

Anyways, one day in the summer after I graduated, I get a IM from Doug, one of the Clarinets. He is ranting that they need help. I go up to practice, and I get approved to volunteer with the band. I was up there every day, and even though I might have been late, I still got there to help. That was the year that Mr. Hadgis (the new band director) still went to TOB (Tournament of Bands) competitions in Pennsylvania. I couldn't go on Spring Trip that year due to Jackie's wedding.

Well, I then helped the band for another year, coming to practice, putting gas in my car so I could go to practice, walking around in the sun, setting spots for the Clarinets, Piccolos, and even sometimes the Alto Saxes, and also the Low Brass. I busted my butt doing some things. I helped people who has missed a practice learn their spots (and even getting whacked in the leg from a pole from a guard girl), and clap during sectionals to keep a beat. I also went on the competitions (in Ohio in OMEA... what the school board wanted X-(), and tuned the Clarinets, and sometimes the Piccolos, and also clapped for them to warm up (sometimes the Clarinets, Piccolos, and I do believe also once with the Alto Saxes also). I went to all but one football game that year (glad that I missed that one, it was the one when a bus broke down), bringing up my total of high school football games to over 60. It's not like I had anything better to do, I could have been doing homework. (Oh, and one thing that was done that made me mad was that Mr. Foster (Mr. Hadgis' assistant director) forgot to include my name in the announcements in the football game. And the first year that I helped, I wasn't included in the program at the competitions sometimes, and sometimes Travis Scott (someone that I graduated with, who helped a little bit, I hardly saw him at practice) was included in there and I wasn't. Oooo... that gets me so pissed...)

Then comes last spring. I go to Mr. Hadgis one day after I get out of school to ask him if I can go on Spring Trip with them. He says that he will talk to Mr. Butti. (The head chaperone.) Either I called him, or he called me, I can't remember, but I was told that I couldn't go, because they can't afford it. They were also taking a lot of chaperones too. (And I heard later that they were in the front, middle, and back of the bus. If someone wants to sit in the back of the bus, don't ruin their fun by putting an adult back there! Let the Seniors have fun for crying out loud.) Well, I was pissed that I couldn't go, because I did a lot of things for the band, for two years! It's not like Mr. Butti could have said, "We are short on funds, but if Cindy wants to pay her way, she can." Or even, "She can go, but she has to pay for half." I was willing to sacrifice missing a class! Two of them! I helped for two years and I get shafted like this?! Why should I go back and help?! I'm sorry, but the Buttis are Bitches... they were never nice to my parents. I didn't go back and help this past summer. I do miss it, but not as much. I have more free time now. Time to study. Time to watch shows at night on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. I still miss band. I enjoy playing an instrument. (That's what Alumni Band is for. ;))

My theory on helping the band: Why help, when you are only going to get shafted when Spring Trip rolls around?

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10:55 am - So I'm a little late...
I've been busy as of late. I have school to attend. :p

Jackie had her baby, and it was a girl. :)

Cassandra Rose Lemasters
3:38 am Tuesday, September 16, 2003
8lbs 1 1/2oz
19 1/2in long

She's cute. :)
And she's got red hair. :O (Bryan's mom and sister also have red hair, plus we have a cousin that has red hair.)

I'm also her Godmother. :)

Since I didn't get home until 4am that night, I was very tired when my alarm went off. I turned off my alarm, and since I was cold, I went and laid back down in bed. Then I fell asleep, and I didn't wake up until 11:30, and I had missed one class. :| my next class started in 45 minutes. Needless to say, I didn't have time to take a shower. :| But I did pretty well on my slide quiz in Archeology of Greece. :)

Bryan left this morning to go down to Ft. Knox, Kentucky to begin boot camp. He's not going to be back until December. (Actually he left last night to go to the hotel, but he left Ohio this morning.)

Yes, I know I said I'll post about the blackout, and I will. I have it typed out (I wrote a letter to my other friend Sarah, the one in PA), but I don't have it with me here at school.

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